1st International Sport Coaching Conference: Manchester Metropolitan University, 2011

First biannual international coaching conference 2011

The Cluster for Research into Coaching (CRiC) arose in 2010 within the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Crewe. Keen to gather like-minded academics interested in sports coaching, a decision was made in 2011 to organise the first CRiC conference. The aim of this was to provide coaching scholars in the fields of pedagogy, sociology, history, and sports law their first discipline related conference. The conference was held at the Wychwood Hotel Crewe in Cheshire and coincided with the launch of Sports Coaching Review (SCR), one of the first journals to focus on research on and about coaches and sports coaching. This first conference was successful with a number of academics and practitioners across sports coaching and its associated disciplines discussing the health of the subject area and the problems and possibilities that confront it. Papers presented at the conference went on to form the first edition of Sports Coaching Review (Volume 1, 2012, Issues 1)