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Our fab #CRiC2024 Conference is only 8 weeks away on Friday! This is also the last day of early bird registration deals, so make sure you take advantage of this. See

Here’s the latest editorial with Ed Hall in @SportsCoachingR . This special issue is in conjunction with @CRiC_SCR to support and showcase some of the latest research ideas. The editorial is open access and a few papers are still in the pipeline.

Don't let the bright lights of Spring🔅(!) blind you and you miss out on the early bird delights of discounted rates at our fabulous CRiC Conference! Save £££ ⬇️ #CRiC2024 June 14-16 @NorthumbriaUni

✴️Check out this great read by @CharlieCorsby & Dr Edward Hall heading up the Special Issue in @SportsCoachingR - some interesting positions and novel position points ✴️

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The Cluster for Research into Coaching (CRiC) was formed at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 under the leadership of Professor Dave Day and Dr Bill Taylor with aim of developing critical coaching scholarship in the fields of pedagogy, sociology, history and law. CRiC has become known as the leading research group in the UK concerned with the sociology, pedagogy, history and ethics of sports coaching. CRiC has an emerging international reputation in these areas and will seek to continue to grow in influence and reputation.

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