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The #CRiC2024 elves have excelled themselves!
Our programme is going live this afternoon...
P.47 tells you how to get here by road, rail, air and sea!

👩‍🎓Check this if you are an PGR/ECR delegate attending #CRiC2024
🚴Sunday sees an interactive and lively panel discussion on succeeding as a PGR/ECR – please see the google doc for you to add your thoughts on what you’d like to see covered at this session

📢Final call for registration for #CRiC2024 and day rates now available! 📢
⌛️With just under two weeks to go before we welcome you to Newcastle, please be advised that the deadline of 4pm Friday 7th June to register is fast approaching...
⛸️Be speedy!

🏀 With just two weeks before #CRiC2024, we have another Bitesize Webinar to offer!
🤾‍♀️Check out
👍 for FREE registration and its open access so you don't have to be a CRiC member to view! Get involved!
#summerofsport #academictwitter

🚴As we move into that last few weeks before the fabulous #CRiC2024, check out our packed programme -
🎟️ if this entices get your tickets here! -
📽️and finally, here is the link to the next webinar 3 June

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The Cluster for Research into Coaching (CRiC) was formed at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 under the leadership of Professor Dave Day and Dr Bill Taylor with aim of developing critical coaching scholarship in the fields of pedagogy, sociology, history and law. CRiC has become known as the leading research group in the UK concerned with the sociology, pedagogy, history and ethics of sports coaching. CRiC has an emerging international reputation in these areas and will seek to continue to grow in influence and reputation.

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